I bet you are the patrick swayze of digital clay


what does it mean to be the Patrick Swayze of anything `  ___`

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(by jonathan longstaff)

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still playing in Sculptris this is funnn

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING BUT LOOK I MADE A 3D HULI…. except I had to give it straight bangs bc every time I tried to turn off symmetry Sculptris crashed!!! shading effects are probably like modeling’s equivalent of lens flare but it looks so hot oh well

yeah the color is kind of jaggy and fucked up bc I sculpted it kinda weird apparently so it wouldn’t map properly 6 __ 6

also here was my first try





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thank god this is here. the youtube versions been muted

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hey im sorry if this gets asked a lot but do you do commissions and if so do you have any slots open?


sort of

I’m notorious for taking like… months to do them or doing them the next day which is why I’ve stopped taking payment for them upfront

you’re welcome to send an email to dohulia @ gmail and I’ll let you know a possible timeline bc as of late I also need to pack some straggling storenvy orders I got while moving and also all my art stuff is still in boxes T w T;;;;

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