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Nika Akin


Nika Akin


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as someone studying french at the beginning level (at university), do you have any recommendations for listening comprehension and pronunciation? merci!


a language partner!!!!

http://www.mylanguageexchange.com/ and http://www.italki.com/partners are good places to start

afterwards you also have the option of watching shows/movies you’ve seen before in English and look for French dubs online. I wouldn’t totally recommend this route, especially if you’re using this route only, because it can actually be pretty tiring and you need to log in a lot of watching hours to really see a difference. At your level, toddler or young children shows are better for this type of practice because they speak more slowly and less slangy. 

but I really recommend either a tutor or a language partner. A language partner is often more fun because you’re not paying for it and you guys always aren’t strictly in “studying” mode. 


Matthias van Arkel





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Kavinsky | “Odd Look” (feat. The Weeknd)

Freaking out over this.

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Science + Art = Awesome!

Today the Department of Microscopic Marvels explores the exquisitely beautiful art of arranging Diatoms, tiny unicellular algae encased in jewel-like glass shells, into complex kaleidoscopic displays, some of which date back to the Victorian era. They’re works of art that are invisible to the naked eye and must be viewed under a microscope.

Ranging in size from 2 to 200 micrometers, diatoms are among the smallest organisms on the planet. They’re a form of phytoplankton and scientists estimate that there are roughly 100,000 existent species. To create the lovely and astonishingly tiny displays pictured above, diatoms must be found, captured, cleaned, organized and then finally positioned into aesthetically pleasing arrangements in microscope slides.

So how is all of this accomplished? English filmmaker Matthew Killip contacted Diatom specialist and master micromanipulator Klaus Kemp in order to find out. Kemp has dedicated his life to studying and perfecting this microscopic Victorian art form and Killip sat down with him to learn about the process of creating diatom arrangements. The result was a short film entitled The Diatomist.

Click here to watch and learn.

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this was really cool!!! totally recommend you check out the short film it’s really good!!


Hi, I’m going to be taking preorders for a Zodico bundle set  that I am going to be releasing!

It includes:

  • 13 glittery buttons of Zodico and each of its evolutions
  • 13 sticker flakes of Zodico and each of its evolutions
  • 1 postcard
  • 1 extra button of your choice!
  • a small preorder gift (2 ruby&juli postcards+1 velvet button)
  • So all in all you get 15 buttons, 3 postcards, and 13 stickers.

Preorders are $26 + $4 shipping anywhere in the US. Unfortunately for now I won’t be doing international shipping unless enough people are interested! If so then I will change this, but for now it is US only.

There are more details and photos on the storenvy page!!

✩> Preorder here <✩

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Artificial Grass - AKMU (Akdong Musician)

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