SO your skincare regimen, how is that??




I used to be on a topical antibiotic + Epiduo for acne a coupla years ago and then I finally grew out of high school acne and since then my skin has finally been really healthy and strong and resilient!!

If I don’t take care of it properly my skin is super oily w/ patches of eczema but I’ve been doing well enough that I don’t really wear make up anymore outside of some mascara

But anyway I recently swapped to using alcohol free witch hazel w/ rose water as a toner and it smells really nice and makes my face bright and smooth and balanced

I use pure aloe vera gel for my face and it’s a really good primer for before make up but it’s also the only thing that prevents me from becoming a greasy mess! IDK I just load it onto my face and let it absorb ha ha but it seems like it really helps keep acne at bay by excluding dirt and oil or something. Good for healing scars too. Also my eyelashes and eyebrows are thicker and healthier from it and I’m pleased because I’ve never been able to have Handsome Eyebrows without drawing them before

Also I can’t not mention that I swim for exercise and chlorine kills bacteria and sloughs dead skin cells so / w \;;; don’t forget to protect your hair w/ a swimcap

(ha ha idk that’s all that’s worth mentioning really, I use a benzoyl peroxide scrub for my face but I’m hoping to swap to something organic since I don’t need anything that strong anymore)