I finished my first quarter of grad school and I didn’t cry when I left lab today but I was actually really sad to leave. I wasn’t taking classes and I was just working in lab and it was a working vacation. It’s a good sign when the thing you hate the most about your work is just the commute and even then I only hated biking and walking 2 miles uphill 50% of the time. I got praised a lot at work and that’s exciting because I like being praised. I hope my new lab is like that. Since I have vacation between quarters I’m going back home to Seattle tomorrow.

I had a nice and relaxing day even though I feel a little sick. I stopped taking my anxiolytics and the psychiatrist prescribed a new one and so I’m feeling a headache constantly today from not taking my 6 doses of buspar on a daily basis. It made me feel dizzy all the time and the first day I stopped it was so nice to not have a headache constantly and now that it’s finally leaving my system I feel pretty icky. In the end since I’ve been taking it in January I’ve been less anxious but I’ve basically had a constant headache.  I feel excited about the new medication though. No headaches but I might gain like 30 pounds but at least I can control that more than the headaches.

Lastly my nose piercing keeps giving me trouble. I was feeling really happy when it was finally showing signs of not being irritated anymore and got flat for a day for once in like 3 months and now it’s swollen and red again. It’s been 4 months and it never shows signs of improving!! I want more piercings but I actually want to get more comfortable and like… used to this one before I get my septum. I just want to be able to… wipe the right side of my nose after washing my face and clean that nostril again. Having a piercing is really nice but having a healing piercing is really frustrating because it’s basically a wound that you stress about all the time. 

Good night.

guess who gifted themselves a refurb Thinkpad for 800 dollars and now has a perfectly usuable Cintiq alternative that is also an 3 pound i5 laptop

my mom take good photos of our dogs

The lab has like this super slick scanner that I’m pretty sure was meant for artwork but anyway it makes the Coomassie gels look ultra bluuuue 

still playing in Sculptris this is funnn

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING BUT LOOK I MADE A 3D HULI…. except I had to give it straight bangs bc every time I tried to turn off symmetry Sculptris crashed!!! shading effects are probably like modeling’s equivalent of lens flare but it looks so hot oh well

yeah the color is kind of jaggy and fucked up bc I sculpted it kinda weird apparently so it wouldn’t map properly 6 __ 6

also here was my first try

HI EVERYONE, my store’s kinda been open for like over a week now but consider it the ~~ PUBLIC OPENING!!!!

please help me get rid of as much of my prints as possible before I move to Portland ^ w ^

【huli store】

Please play Alpaca Evolution


SUP TUMBLR!!! I’m selling at Sakuracon this year and I’m going to be hemorrhaging cute cheap prints!! They’re super high quality, extra-heavy card-stock w/ matte finish!! Yep none of that sticky photo paper nonsense!! Please come visit us at table 603!! If you mention this Tumblr post when you buy I’ll do a free sketch request / w \ We have 4x6, 5.5x8.5, and 8.5x11 size prints and pricing is still TBD however the max price will be 10 dollars. And I will be selling all leftovers online!!

PS. I swear look how nice these are

PPS. I will reblog this periodically especially next week please forgive me in advance.




I wasn’t planning to do hourlies today bc it took me 5 hours to go to Dairy Queen but then something special happened

I wish I could pet blog more w/o judging myself for it uohoohu

I am seriously delighted by how easy this song is

can we see a picture of you and emilio you guys are so cute TTvTT <3


Emilio is very internet shy sorry u w u;;


have you/ would you ever draw like a chubby bear furry i'm inteerested to know what it would look like in your adorable style because you usually draw smaller boys. like instead of an otter (as in skinny hairy boys) a bear!


this is such a cute ask wtf