still playing in Sculptris this is funnn

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING BUT LOOK I MADE A 3D HULI…. except I had to give it straight bangs bc every time I tried to turn off symmetry Sculptris crashed!!! shading effects are probably like modeling’s equivalent of lens flare but it looks so hot oh well

yeah the color is kind of jaggy and fucked up bc I sculpted it kinda weird apparently so it wouldn’t map properly 6 __ 6

also here was my first try

HI EVERYONE, my store’s kinda been open for like over a week now but consider it the ~~ PUBLIC OPENING!!!!

please help me get rid of as much of my prints as possible before I move to Portland ^ w ^

【huli store】

Please play Alpaca Evolution


SUP TUMBLR!!! I’m selling at Sakuracon this year and I’m going to be hemorrhaging cute cheap prints!! They’re super high quality, extra-heavy card-stock w/ matte finish!! Yep none of that sticky photo paper nonsense!! Please come visit us at table 603!! If you mention this Tumblr post when you buy I’ll do a free sketch request / w \ We have 4x6, 5.5x8.5, and 8.5x11 size prints and pricing is still TBD however the max price will be 10 dollars. And I will be selling all leftovers online!!

PS. I swear look how nice these are

PPS. I will reblog this periodically especially next week please forgive me in advance.




I wasn’t planning to do hourlies today bc it took me 5 hours to go to Dairy Queen but then something special happened

I wish I could pet blog more w/o judging myself for it uohoohu

I am seriously delighted by how easy this song is

can we see a picture of you and emilio you guys are so cute TTvTT <3


Emilio is very internet shy sorry u w u;;


have you/ would you ever draw like a chubby bear furry i'm inteerested to know what it would look like in your adorable style because you usually draw smaller boys. like instead of an otter (as in skinny hairy boys) a bear!


this is such a cute ask wtf



huli’s ongoing foray into Wacom alternatives

I’ve missed two days of pokeddexy!! why!!

here’s why


while I was asleep today my dog jumped on my bed and ate my Intuos3 tablet pen (I sleep with a lot of crap next to me in bed). I went online and a replacement pen is 80 bucks which is bullshit.

So! I could buy a lower end bare-bones Wacom for 70 bucks or I could I try out all the Wacom-alternatives. So Wacom uses a digitizer and pen that’s proprietary, which is why no one else has figured out how to make battery-less tablet pens for tablets? Maybe. Anyway Huion and Monoprice both use a digitizer made by a company named UC-Logic and they handle pressure differently than the digitizers in Wacom. As far as I know they have no tilt sensitivity and their pens infamously require a little AAA battery but that’s really not even an issue and I’ll explain why in a bit.

So after some digging around I decided that Huion’s build and ratings tended to be less finicky than Monoprice so I bought this ugly thing bc it’s huge and on sale!! Also it has the same specs as the Intuos Pro (80 vs 380 bucks) and it’s an inch bigger on all sides? So when it comes in I’ll let you guys know how it stacks against an Intuos3.

In the meantime, I’m not actually tablet-less for the next week. I have something fun to show you guys!!!


I sort of already own a Monoprice tablet!! Barely ha ha. This thing is a joke but it’s kind of a miracle bc it cost me 12 DOLLARS and it’s made of FOAM. I went on Monoprice a year ago out of curiosity and I bought it out of sheer curiosity of how useless a 12 dollar tablet could be. I was using it without pen pressure because I disabled Tablet PC input bc that really fucked up my Wacom hardware so today I uninstalled the drivers and it took a while to revive this one but I got pen pressure and I found something kind of interesting. This thing can register way lighter pressure than I was ever used to on my Intuos. Maybe to a fault, because I have to push harder than I am used to get full pressure but I was weirded out to see the default PS brush looking like it does in SAI.


That’s really it! That’s the default 5px round brush, drawing at a ridiculously small amount of pressure. And the drawing on the left with my home-made brush. I don’t know what the specs of this thing is but on a pure user-experience-basis, it’s about as usable as Intuos3 ha ha. The only complaint is the button is in a bad place so I keep clicking it accidentally. The battery has been in the pen for over a year already (I’ve used it decently but at least we know it doesn’t drain) so I wouldn’t chalk the battery against the UC-Logic tablets

Unfortunately! These are no longer being made. Maybe no one was buying them or maybe selling the bare digitizer embedded in a piece of foam was actually a loss of money who knows.

happy thanksgiving I am by myself at home while my mom is at work and my sister and dad went to pre-black friday ha ha

clean cover of Island song like I promised


I changed my ukulele strings for the first time so they’re the brighter sound Aquila’s. The only problem is they buzz if my fingering isn’t perfect, whereas with my old shit strings there was more leeway. I made lots of mistakes!!! I will record a version without mistakes later probably!!

Island Song (Adventure Time ED)!!
hey guys this one is a video!! also I think I will try not to post so many of these dorky song covers on my blog bc idk how worth it is to document my ukulele learning if all it’s gonna be all clumsy song covers at first. I made a blog that’s gonna be my music diary so they’ll probably be there from now on.